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Gold therapy

During these bleak times, a little color therapy would do us good! Between the Ebola epidemic, the wars, the crashes, invasions, genocides and so on…living in the golden bubble that Hong Kong is , you realize day after day how lucky we are to be in such a safe and stable environment.

So just for a while, just in the time it takes to share with you these few lines, let’s indulge ourselves in the richness ans splendor of gold. In Asia, it is said to be a mineral light, sign of perfection. With its perfect light, gold will thenceforth be used to symbolize perfect beings. Buddha is therefore often covered in gold. Its sight warms the heart and the spirit. We feel secure in a golden environment because it reflects material abundance.

In design, we rarely use gold on its own because it can quickly become oppressive. Ideally, gold is used to add a glow, a sparkle to a space. It generally goes well with all the other colors: I find the association with coral, pink, blue-green or peacock blue very interesting because it gives it a modern twist. Black, brown and white colors will be used for a more classic look.

Here is a little selection from our Pinterest page.

Wishing you a beautiful week

guilded_wallpaperRuffledPaper_etsyoh_hello_friend_blogroxanne_stellmacher_comastier-de-villatte-paris_garance dore sayitasitis_tumblr_bunting

Photo sources: Gilded wallpaper, www.ruffledpaper.com , www.ohhellofriendblog.com , Astier de Villate – photo by Garance Dore, www.roxannestellmacher.com , www.ohsuzeq.tumblr.com, www.casasugar.com

Lucky 5 collection

If you can't see the catalogue, click here

We are beyond excited to be unveiling today the Lucky 5 collection.  It has been a lot of fun playing with the khamsa, the traditional North African lucky charm, mixing up conservative patterns with bold graphics on a palette of mineral colors.

The collection comes on wall stickers, posters but also on mugs!
It’s an ideal housewarming gift to indulge for yourself and for others without moderation!
Shop here the collection

Save the date – “Lucky 5″ collection

I am very excited to announce the coming launch of a new line of “lucky 5″ mugs, stickers and posters by Marguerite&Gribouilli.

The idea came about at the end of last year, after I came back from a trip to Morocco, the country where I grew up. As I was enjoying the sunny weather, heart-warming cuisine and local crafts markets, I started thinking about the Moroccan graphics. Moroccan art has a lot to offer in terms of intricate and elaborate patterns. But I realized that the local craftsmanship had seen very few changes. As if these traditional patterns were almost sacred.

mayang-comaliceiswonderful-tumblr-comIMG_9728marocM&G marocM&G2

Back in Hong Kong, I moved into my new office and was looking for a good luck charm to hang by the door. Since I moved to Hong Kong seven years ago, I have become increasingly aware of the importance of the good luck charms in the Chinese culture. And so in order to embrace the ways of my host country, I decided to revisit one of the oldest talismans in Moroccan culture, the khamsa (which literally means five, as in five fingers of the hand). This very ancient symbol is known to ward off bad fortune.
I had a lot of fun playing with different color combinations and mixing up the patterns. The resulting design has inspired a collection of posters, stickers and mugs which will be available on the online store on the 25th of March!

kmissat-sticker_low-defkhmissat crea-05







An office in Chai Wan (4)

Hi Everyone!
Here is the 4th and final installment of my work for Newsprint Group. And this time, I want to share with you the murals.
In order to match with the industrial spirit of the space while bringing some touches of color, we decided to add large paint streaks on some strategic walls. So instead of working on detailed patterns, we privileged texture and color by creating monumental paintings.

We selected three walls:
- the wall facing the elevators,
- the wall shared by the welcome desk and the finance department,
- and the wall of the meeting room.

Here are some picture of the final result.

newsprint10 newsprint7

newsprint9  newsprint14newsprint15

This last assignment puts an end to a year-long collaboration with the amazing Newsprint team. Many, many thanks for your trust throughout it all. It has been quite an exciting and challenging project.

If you’ve missed the previous installments:

- An office in Chai Wan 1,
- An office in Chai Wan 2,
- An office in Chai Wan 3,

A hint of black

Throughout all my projects, I have often noticed the parents’ reluctance to use black in their children’s room.

Black is usually associated with mourning, bad luck and other somber themes but it is also the color of profoundness, elegance, simplicity and eternal chic.

This color has the ability to instantly give a sense of order and a graphic aspect to any space.

Hints of black won’t disturb the cheerfulness of a child’s room. It will rather add a breath of fresh air to these rooms, often saturated with colors found in toys, drawings, etc.

Here is a selection of pictures that I found quite inspiring. I hope it will reconcile some of you with this color. Keep it in mind next time you decorate for your kids!

DecoPeques everything_emily_blog_com INdieMoonverycoolphotoblog_com7990f405d2e13a2481442b068ce34a02kotipalapeli2
black balloonforever_love_com

More pictures on our pinterest board.

Photo sources: INdieMoon, ForeverLove.com, verycoolphotoblog.com, Deco Peques, Kotipalapeli, everything emily, pinterest, Marguerite&Gribouilli

“bleu canard” now available

Our new deep blue sticker material has arrived this week.
We now also offer all of our designs in this amazingly deep and rich color. Head over to the boutique, select the sticker you want and choose the color that will make a statement on your walls.
It has definitely become one of my favorites.

You may also like reading our previous article “Color crush: bleu canard”


Tips: Half painted walls

Painting a wall half way up is sometimes the best way to bring a touch of color in a room, without jeopardizing the space. Especially in HK where the size of the rooms can be an issue…

Fully committing to a color on all four walls of a small room can definitely make it look…well….even smaller. Whereas, half painted walls will open up the space and give you more perspective while introducing the little touch of color that your room needs.  It will also highlight your furniture as it adds a great color contrast.

There are many ways to do it, but the golden rule is to avoid painting exactly down the middle of the wall! It just does not look really good. In fact, it is the height of your ceiling that will help you determine the separation line. The higher the ceiling, the larger the painted area could be. And why not having fun with stickers, frames or garlands. The choices are endless.

Below, a few options I really like:

heyyellowcat_tumblr_com plentycolour_com
sources: hey yellow cat, plenty colour.com, cubic refugee tumblr, vtwonem, deco-cool, war by parker class trip pinterest.

Color crush: Bleu canard

Bleu canard or peacock blue in English is THE color of the 2013 Fall-Winter season. This very intense and deep color can be nicely associated to a mustard or coral palette.

Here is a selection of nice installations and, as usual, you can find more pictures on our Pinterest board

dkomaion_com weddingland
sources: bijzondermooi, weddingland, dulux valentines pinterest

On the same note, our new blue sticker rolls are on their way from Belgium. You will be able to order any of our sticker designs in this amazing color very soon.
So stay tuned!