- Why have bespoke wall treatments become increasingly popular in recent years?
Trends in wall decoration follow the trends of design and interior architecture. After a period where minimalism and clean lines were very popular, we now look to bring a sense of warmth and friendliness to our interiors. Nowadays more than ever before, interiors are akin to a sanctuary – a cocoon.
Some trend forecasting agencies even liken rooms to beehives! A room is a space for expression, reflecting the values its occupants, and protects them from the stress and aggression of modern urban life. We want to integrate patterns, imagination and fantasy into our interiors.
Walls should no longer neglected: our living spaces (and therefore our room for expression) are becoming smaller and smaller, especially in Hong Kong where the property market is very expensive. One needs to make the most of walls now more than ever, a true space for expression, to be looked after!

- What can I expect from a consultation visit on-site? How much will it cost?
We will visit your home to create a design brief, take measurements and take photos to create a mood board of ideas.
This service is charged at $400 and is 100% REFUNDABLE FROM YOUR FINAL INVOICE.
To book, please go to our «home visit» service online.

- Once the artwork begins, will there be any costs involved if we choose not to go ahead?
Each project consists of multiple stages. Costs for each stage of the project are due as soon as we begin working on it. It never happens that a client doesn’t like the result but it may happen that we decide to decline some work if we feel that the design brief is too different from M&G’s artistic capability. (In that case, the home visit fee will be refunded). We invite you to browse our sample portfolios online, and if you like them, there should be no reason not to like the artwork!
Throughout the process, we consider aspects of an individual’s personality, environment, taste and philosophy to better understand each clients expectations. For us the process of creation happens mainly through this exchange; it will feed the project and give it its singularity. However, should you wish to stop the project along the way, only the costs incurred until the current stage will be due.

- Who will be in charge of the installation?
Assia BENNANI, M&G’s designer and founder will lead every installation. She will do the hand painted drawings, paper collage and be responsible for all other specific artistic requirements. We may collaborate with some independent workers for basic paint jobs and sticker installations.

- Where does the material you use come from?
All our materials are safe for children, non-toxic and of the highest quality. The stickers’ raw materials come from Germany or Belgium and the final pieces are produced in our Workshop in Discovery Bay.

- Will you use our commissioned artwork for another project?
All drafts, drawings and artworks are the property of Marguerite & Gribouilli Ltd.
You can buy the copyright for an extra fee of $5000 per artwork. However we endeavour to avoid using the same artwork during any one year.

Should you have any further questions, feel free to email us at contact@marguerite-gribouilli.com