About us


My name is Assia Bennani and I am a French-Moroccan interior designer based in Hong Kong, who runs Marguerite&Gribouilli, a creative workshop I first launched in Paris back in 2006.

I have been formally trained at the LISAA School of Paris in interior design but have since then expanded my creative endeavors to include graphic design, mural painting, illustration, furniture design, original crafts and much more. Along with my interior design projects, which I blog about here, I have turned Marguerite&Gribouilli into what I like to call “a wall laboratory”, offering in my online boutique a full range of products and services such as wall stickers, chalkboards and paintings, which are all unique or created in limited series and sketched by hand with care and loads of passion.

I moved to Hong Kong with my husband Hicham in 2008. Our son Aydan was born here two years later. I feel lucky to get to live and work in Hong Kong. We do feel at home far away from home. Hong Kong lends an environment where creativity and diversity are embraced and celebrated. And I definitely recognize myself in this melting pot of identities and ideas.  I am inspired by it every day.

I launched the Marguerite&Gribouilli blog in 2013 as a way to document my larger interior design projects, share DIY ideas and keep you guys updated about the launch of new products in the online boutique.

I am always happy to answer questions, so feel free to write to contact@marguerite-gribouilli.com.